Monday, March 28, 2011

Personalized Formula Can Storage Canisters

While chatting with a friend today, she inquired about making water bottle labels for her upcoming nuptials. I spent a good hour or two playing around in Photoshop working on different designs, just to see if I could make one similar to the ones she liked. This inspired me to make labels for the formula cans I talked about in the last post. Here is how I did it. :)

What you'll need:
An empty and clean formula can
A soft measuring tape
Scissors/rotary cutter/exact o knife
Tape or glue

1. Measure your can. You'll need both the height and the circumference. My daughter drinks Enfamil Prosobee, and the measurements were 12.5" around and 4.25" tall.

2. Using a photo editing software or other program, design your label to fit within the measurements. I used Photoshop for mine. Then, print out on regular computer paper. If you don't have a program available, you can use some scrap booking paper, just cut it to fit your can.

3. Since my can was bigger around than my paper, I had to cut filler strips. I just taped these down on the back of the can, where they wouldn't be seen.

4. Then, I taped down one side of my label, and wrapped tightly around to the other side, and taped it down too. I made sure to keep the edges straight. Since the top was a little taller than needed, I used my exacto knife, and went around the edge to trim it.

I also tested to see how the lid fit, and made sure it still did. And that's it! You're all done!

Here is a couple of finished ones: