Saturday, January 14, 2012

Burlap Wreaths - All the rage!

Those of you who have friended me on facebook may remember my fall wreath. For those that don't have me as a friend (Shame on you! Just kidding!) this is the wreath I'm talking about:

It was made from burlap, which I bought in a natural color, and painted to my liking. Each color is just a square of burlap, folded and pinned to the wreath. Looking back, hot glue would have been better! I think this was somewhere in the range of 100+ 5" squares.

When I bought the supplies to make that wreath, I bought extra. I had coupons, so I bought an extra wreath form, as well as WAY too much burlap (50% off coupon.) I'm not one to use a lot of burlap, so I was at a loss as to what to do with all the excess (and  by excess, I mean 2-3 yards of excess.)

So, to the craft blogs I went. I stumbled upon this wreath (found here):

I thought it was super cute, and figured I could just switch out bows to make it useful year round. However, the craft gods had other plans! I covered my wreath form in strips of burlap, so the green wouldn't show through the ruffles. Then, I decided I didn't feel like threading strips and strips of burlap to make this wreath, not too mention the mess I would have to clean up at 2 am. So, I stopped crafting, and started searching blogs again. 

I stumbled upon this lamp (found here):

And realized that is what I wanted to do with the excess burlap. That project is to come.

So, what to do with my wreath??

I began looking through my fabric stash to see what I had on hand to make flowers with. I was going to do some rolled fabric flowers, and pin them to the wreath. That's when I found my PUL. How ecstatic I was when I discovered this!! So, I made 3 roses and put them on alligator clips to make them removable from the wreath form.

Here is the finished Valentine's Day wreath, now hanging on my front door.

And a close up of the roses:

I have a much simpler way of making these roses than I've been doing all along. That tutorial is to come, when my husband is home to help with pictures!

I really like the look of the PUL flowers, and the weight of the fabric. It holds its form better than cotton, and no ironing was involved!

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