Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cleaning with coconut oil

I don't know how many of you use your cutting mat for things other than cutting, but I know I do. I have a large mat, thanks to my husband. I sent him to the store for a rotary mat, and in true man fashion, he came home with the largest one they sold. So, my mat is 24"x36". I keep it on my craft table, as that is the best place to store it. For this reason, it gets used as many things.

A while back, I was making a fabric covered photo album. It involved the use of spray adhesive. The overspray caused this lovely speckling on my mat, which attracted lint from the black fabric I was using. I immediately grabbed my goo gone, but it was taking off the ink on the mat as well. So, that was out.

So, I was left with a mat that looks like that. Not so pretty, but at least it wasn't tacky.

As I was perusing the internet tonight, I stumbled upon a "recipe" for a homemade gunk remover. It seemed almost too simple to work, but it was worth a shot. I had the ingredients on hand, so I thought I'd give it a try. It worked like a charm!

Coconut oil and cream of tartar, who knew? All natural, which I love.

First, I put down a healthy dollop of coconut oil, then, I sprinkled cream of tartar on top.
I began scrubbing with an old washcloth, in a circular motion. Within minutes, the black gunk came up. It did not remove the circle rings that are on the mat, I am unsure where those came from!

Finally, a clean mat. It also took a couple of old stickers off of a table. This stuff is amazing!

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