Sunday, September 16, 2012

Organizing under the kitchen sink!

If you are anything like me, you have a TON of cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink. It may look like this:

Yes, I realize I have 2 bottles of vinegar. A spray bottle top fits on the smaller one, the gallon is for refills.

It may look better, but it may also look worse. Regardless, I can never find anything without knocking stuff over! I decided to tackle this problem the other day, and after a trip to Walmart and the dollar store, I found a solution I'm happy with!

Step 1:
Pull everything out. Give it a good wipe down! 

Step 2.
Put something down to keep it clean if desired. I chose an old towel, because sometimes the sink leaks a little. 

Step 3.
Hang up a tension rod. The one I used was 5/8" and extended from 28" to 48". These are about $3 and found in the curtain aisle at Walmart. 
Step 4. 
Organize smaller things with baskets. I put all of my aerosol cans in one bucket, it was $1 from Dollar Tree. I put all of my cleaning rags and steel wool pads(not the soap pads, actual steel wool) in another bucket. Hang the spray bottles up on the tension rod, and place everything neatly back inside. This little makeover cost just  $5, ($6 if you count the black organizer shown in the first picture) and was finished in under 30 minutes! I put anything that I do not use regularly at the back, and things I use frequently towards the front. Empty spray bottles were put in the back too.

MUCH better!  And, as always, label your spray bottle contents if they do not have a label on them already! And never mix bleach with anything, especially ammonia, vinegar, or peroxide.

Another tip, if you have little ones like I do, always, always, always turn your spray nozzles to off or shut them as tight as they go. This will keep them from spraying themselves in the face with something potentially dangerous. 

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