Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Padded Camera Strap

As promised, here is the first tutorial for this week, a padded camera strap with little pockets for an SD card.

My sister is an avid photographer, and she is quite good. She recently bought a new Canon camera, and needed a camera strap to cover the one that came with the camera. I happily obliged! You will have to forgive both the quality of these pictures, and the mess in the background. We are still unpacking from our recent move, and I was rushing when I made this.

First, measure your camera strap. I added 1.5" to the width and 2-3" to the length to allow for seam allowances, hemming, and the padding. If you want to add pockets, cut them the same width you cut the strap cover, and about 5" long. You will need 2 of everything. Cut your padding the same as the cover as well. I used felt instead of batting.

 Here are my pieces. There are 2 cover pieces, 2 felt pieces and 2 pocket pieces.
 Take your pocket pieces, and press under both of the shorter sides. I did a double roll hem, and pressed under about 1/2", then another 1/2".
 Stitch down one side. I used decorative stitching, but a straight stitch is just fine. Repeat for the other pocket.
 Then, attach the other side to your strap cover. I did them close to the bottom, but out of the hem range. Do not worry about the sides of the pocket yet, as they will be closed up when we sew the strap. Repeat for the other pocket.
 Lay out one felt piece, and lay one strap piece on top with the right side up. Fold your hem under, again I did 1/2" twice. Stitch down, and repeat on the other end, as well as the other strap piece.
 Here is what the top of the strap will look like. I have my hem, then the bottom of the pocket, and then the top of the pocket. Underneath it is the back of the strap, or the part that will touch the neck.
 Lay your bottom piece with the right side up, and lay your top piece right side down, and line up your hems. Make sure your pockets lay flat. You should see the felt, with the cotton sandwiched in the middle.
 Stitch down both sides, using a 1/2" seam allowance. You will need to go slowly at the end hems, as this is the thickest part. Once finished, trim the seam allowance close to the seam, turn right side out, and press. Using a wooden spoon, or some other narrow utensil will aid in the turning.
Slip over your camera strap, and there you have it!

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