Monday, November 5, 2012

ZeroWater Filter

I recently purchased a ZeroWater filter. My basis for choosing this particular brand has to do with the amount of filtration. It has 5 stages, 2-3 more than most available on the market.

I get it home, open it up, and expect to soak the filter like I have had to do in the past. Nope, as soon as you wash and dry the container, you screw in the filter and it's ready to go!

So, I filled up the reservoir and let it filter. One thing I did notice is that it does filter slowly, but that isn't a big deal to me. Meanwhile, I grabbed the water tester that came with it and tested the water from the tap. It came up an astonishing 463!! It shocked me to see so many contaminants in my city's water. As soon as the water finished filtering, I filled up a glass, and tested it. It came back a 001. Not completely zero, but I figured this was due to residue from the tap water still in the glass. I dumped it out, and tested the filtered water again. This time it was 000.

The water tastes so much better than it does from the tap. The cost of the filters are a bit more than the competitor's brand, and with such a high contamination level, mine will not last as long. However, the system came with 2 coupons for immediate use, and the company offers an additional savings for the future. The good news is that most of the US has water in the range of 100-300, making the filters last longer.

I highly recommend this product, and I am not in any way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by ZeroWater to say this. This is my own personal experience.

This is the one I bought, since we do use a lot of water for drinking around here. My husband drinks ice tea, I drink coffee and water, and my kids drink kool-aid occasionally. I do not like to use tap water to make any of this. It fits perfectly on the top shelf of my fridge, and takes up less room than a 12 pack of soda!

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