Friday, October 26, 2012

Go Back to Sleep clock

I don't know about you, but my children are terrible sleepers. They go to bed at a decent hour, always the same time every night, but wake up frequently through the night and early in the morning. They are not getting their recommended 10 hours of sleep, which makes for some crabby kiddos. They also do not nap during the day.

While perusing Pinterest one day, I saw this pin which was linked to this blog post:

Genius, I thought! And filed it away in the depths of my crafting brain. Until tonight.

My oldest and I were playing on this afternoon. There was an activity in which she learned to tell time. She was having trouble with it, and I realized that in this age of digital clocks, she didn't know how to tell time on a standard clock. Then, I remembered the pin about the sleepy time clock, and it hit me. I needed to make her one to help with learning to tell time!

Now, the pin is a great idea. But, I detest glitter. So, I revamped the idea a little, and came up with a solution even K would understand.

Also, you will have to forgive the crooked ruffles. I was fighting with my youngest to keep her from touching the hot glue gun, and K was trying to help me paint. This is why I craft while they sleep.

You'll need an old clock, hot glue gun, and some ribbon. Optionally, you can use paint, but it doesn't stick to plastic very well.

I took the clock apart entirely to complete this, but if you are just doing the ruffles on the outside, you don't have to. I started my ruffles when they go to bed, and ended them at an acceptable wake up time. The time in between is not ruffled. I explained to K that if the little hand on the clock is in the ruffles, it is not time to get up yet.

I also painted the bottom half of it pink, to show her how much time she has until bed time. She gets out of school at 3pm, which is where I started the pink paint. I'm hoping this will help with clean up time and such.

So, here it is, my version of the go back to bed clock.

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